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  • Who We Are  A group of professionals with dedicated years in the construction and management.  We know the true meaning of hard work, quality and integrity.  
  • Our group consists of top quality professionals and subcontractors who have been pre-qualified, and meet our highest standards.  Keeping cost competitive and within budget.  Providing our clients with facts and information   related to their projects before, during and   after completion. Making the unforeseen, seen.     

Who We Are

  PRESIDENT:  Carlos A. Kopecny Founder of Casablanca Designs Group, LLC  in 2016   

     An experienced property manager, contractor & designer who began my career in Design & Construction in 1992, working on projects ranging from New York City to Brazil.  In 1995 I was presented with the opportunity to manage a select group of properties in New York City, varying from Condominiums to Coops, changing my love and passion from Design & Construction to Account Executive for a professional management company, which allowed me to broaden my horizons and truly learn property management and building systems from the best in the industry.  After a few years I ventured back into the design & construction field and began another phase in my journey.  After NEw York City I extended my experience to Miami where I was privileged to manage many level of properties to include high luxury ocean front properties for a few of the best property management firms in the industry. I have worked throughout the years on projects that include interior design, furniture design, complete residential/commercial property renovations, building designs, concrete restoration, lobby and hallway renovations, roof and window replacement, elevator upgrades to include interior cabs, complete plumbing replacement, electrical upgrades and many other projects pertaining to buildings and homes. With dedication, creativity and hard work I was able to achieve my ultimate goal, Casablanca Designs Group, LLC with the intention of bringing back to the client the satisfying experience of change and reinvention of their home and space. Making the unforeseen seen in “black & white     

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